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Divine Care Daycare's mission is to provide a safe and productive learning establishment to all children and their family. We strive to give quality education and development to all children in our care. We will continue to enhance our level of education to stay aware of all changes in the child care field. We will promote education in the areas of emotional, physical, psychological, and educational. 


About Me

My name is Dena Jordan, Divinecare Daycare provider, teacher, and administrator. I have a passion for teaching and assisting in developing our children at a young age. To teach a child is to increase his/her ability to become successful in life. I began to teach my daycare children as soon as they enroll in Divinecare from as young as 6 ½ weeks, because a child grasps and retains information by age 5. I teach all my children at Divinecare the way I would want my child taught. My motto is to make sure a child leaves my care with some knowledge of education before he or she enters grade school. I enjoy what I do and have been a provider since 2006, I hold an Associate’s degree in Early elementary and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


DHS accepted
Late fee after daycare closes
$35 for first minute. Plus $2/per additional minute must be paid upon picking up child.
Amount after daycare closes previously arranged
$15/per hour/per child
Daily rate (2 years old and older)
$50/per day
Pick up/Drop off (10 miles and less)
$15/per day
Daily rate (6 weeks - 2 years old)
$60/per day
Pick up/Drop off (5 miles and less)
$15/per day
3 or less days weekly (2-12 years old)
$120/per week
2 -12 years old
$150/per week
6 week - 2 years old
$160/per week
3 or less days weekly (newborn-2 years old)
$130/per week
Late fees due to non-payment
$20/per day
Return check fee



"I've had the honor and privilege of watching the doors open at Divine Care Day Care. As one of the employees/Grandma's, I must say that the children there  are amazing. Their curriculum is designed to appeal to their eagerness to learn things such as the basic ABC's, 123's, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Exercising Sign Language, and most of all the Love of God, Good Moral Character, and the Love for one another."


 "For the past 2 years, Layla has been welcomed at Divine Care and my mind has been at ease as far as her childcare since day one. Everyday my daughter runs home and is always excited to tell me about her seemingly productive day. As a former stay at home mom, I have especially noticed Divine Care's facilitation in the blossoming of my daughter. I enjoy and love her growth, and for that, we love our family at Divine Care!


Divine Child Daycare is a loving and warm daycare. The staff are extremely caring and considerate of all children. It's just an overall great place for your child. I have had all three of my daughter's enrolled at Divine Care


“Auntie Dena” is the epitome of a daycare provider! She doesn’t just watch your child, she nurtures and cares for them like they’re her own. My daughter Lauren is 4 and has been under Dena’s care since she was 11 mos. With Dena’s assistant we successfully potty trained Lauren at 17 mos. no pull ups straight into big girl undies! She also teaches them and prepares them for preschool and kindergarten. Lauren can write and spell her first and last name on her own. We love the atmosphere as well as the other workers in the facility. I couldn’t have chosen a better daycare! I love this place!

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My son has been at Divine Daycare since he was 10 months old.  I love that Dena is dedicated to teaching the children everyday no matter the age.  He is surpassing all of his bench marks!  Not only is Divine daycare dedicated to teaching the children they are dedicated to nourishing the kids spiritually. 

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We love the how nurturing and loving they are here at Divine daycare. My son has been going here since he was 6 months and I know he is in good hands! 

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