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Divine Care Daycare's mission is to provide a safe and productive learning establishment to all children and their family. We strive to give quality education and development to all children in our care. We will continue to enhance our level of education to stay aware of all changes in the child care field. We will promote education in the areas of emotional, physical, psychological, and educational. 


About Me

My name is Dena Jordan, Divinecare Daycare provider, teacher, and administrator. I have a passion for teaching and assisting in developing our children at a young age. To teach a child is to increase his/her ability to become successful in life. I began to teach my daycare children as soon as they enroll in Divinecare from as young as 6 ½ weeks, because a child grasps and retains information by age 5. I teach all my children at Divinecare the way I would want my child taught. My motto is to make sure a child leaves my care with some knowledge of education before he or she enters grade school. I enjoy what I do and have been a provider since 2006, I hold an Associate’s degree in Early elementary and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Our Family

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